FITE 2016 – Sustainability and Tourism of Muara Beting Beach

Good morning Ladies and gentlemen, my name
is Elvarica Noviyanti and i’m from Trisakti Institute of tourism
i currently live in Jakarta, and i found a potential area to be a good
destination for tourism it is Muara Beting Beach and it is located
in Bekasi, West part of Java Island Actually for me, it is a hidden paradise,
because the place is so beautiful but, unfortunately not many people has known
that the place is exist it is rather hard to find the place because
it’s difficult to find good access to go there and the beach itself
also subceptive of damage due to sea abration Besides the distance is too far, The road
to find the place is also full of obstacles. but after all of it,
To be honest, we still can this place to build a good access such a harbor
and maintain the road to reach there, so it would be easier to vehicle to pass
through, and the solution to prevent the damage caused by sea abration
is to plant mangrove. Today, i’m going to present you about sustainability
and tourism about muara beting beach, a hidden paradise in west
part of java island, which have very good potential to be tourist
destination and to empower tourism, but we still lack of people consideration
for that. besides, muara beting beach also haven’t have
good accesibility to reach there, as you can see, we have to pass through rocky
roads, and we have to cross a river by boat, not only that, we still have
to park our car, and continue the journey with motorcycle, and end with
boat. muara beting beach is one beach
that had mangroves. Mangroves in Indonesia considered as the largest in the world.
also mangroves itself can take big part to prevent damage caused of sea
abration, and reducing climate change. after all, muara beting beach could
give a good potential for tourism development in Indonesia. Here is muara beting mangrove,
as you can see,it has beautiful scenery and also fresh air,
such a good environment, isn’t? As we know, Indonesian tourist arrivals growth
rate by BPS in 2014 is around 9.4million people and reduce in
2015 to 8million people. it was very influential for economy of Indonesia. That’s why, we have to change our perspective
into a sustainable tourism, because ecotourism can give us benefit in
environmental, economics, and for living. People usually come to this beach to fishing,
recreation at seaside of beach, but because the waves were too big, the place
is eroded bit by bit by sea abration. so, they prevent it with planting mangroves there is still plenty of attractions that
can be found but if we do sustainable development here
,and build a good accesibility i’m sure this place can be good destination
to be visited. so, what is the future we want?
the future we want, are the consideration of people to maintain environment,
taking responsibility to care about ecosystem. and to develop ecotourism.

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