Fiance Visa Denial due to Social Media Data Mining

Fiance Visa Denial due to Social Media Data Mining

This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Today’s topic is: Another cause of K1 Visa
Denial, skeletons in your Social Media Closet Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
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is waiting. It has nothing to do with Fred or how he works,
it’s just hard waiting and not knowing how the end result will be. I don’t doubt any of Fred’s work and would
definitely recommend him to anyone. Also, his customer service, Joyce, is so awesome! The both of them write you in emails and can
answer your questions. It’s a comfort to know that the people you
hire actually care about you and your loved one and want the same ending as you do! So, Thank you so so so much Fred and Joyce,
for getting my loved one here! Now, lets talk about “Another cause of K1
Visa Denial, skeletons in your Social Media Closet” USCIS recently announced new contracts given
to companies to search through social media to collect data on Fiance and other visa applicants. Collection starts October 18. If you have any “suspect” exposure, you have
only a few more days to take it down. One of VisaCoach’s clients has already experienced
denial due to his Facebook presence. This couple’s case was as near perfect as
we have seen. They were young and in love. They had known each other for a few years
and had met more than once. They were evenly matched by age, values and
religion. Their “front loaded” petition was awesome
and included many solid evidences of their bona fides. The American sponsor even accompanied his
fiancé to the interview to demonstrate his sincerity and support for the petition. After a brief interview where the sponsor
was not allowed to join in nor asked any questions before, during or after, the consular officer,
denied the case. The couple was devastated and confused. What could have gone wrong? A consular officer who exhibits professionalism
will state the reasons for denial in writing. And provide this to the rejected applicant
immediately, often at the close of the interview itself. You may not agree with the decision, but at
least know what it was and then have a starting point for renewed efforts. The officer refused to provide any verbal
or written explanation. All the couple had was the fiancee’s memory
of the interview. I asked her to write a transcript of what
happened, to recall exactly what was said and even what the body language was, so that
we could study this in an attempt to reconstruct what MIGHT have been in the consular officer’s
mind. What seemed odd and out of context, was the
consular officer made some comments about “conservative values” and what is a “woman’s
role in society and in the home”. Those comments seemed rather strange at the
time and the foreign born fiancé had no idea where those comments came from. Eventually it dawned on us. The American sponsor is active on FaceBook. He is outspoken and his views are somewhat
“anti feminist”. He had posted on his social media pages, and
entered into many online debates, his ideas on conservative values, and HIS ideas about
a women’s role in the home and society. He is not a bad guy. Not a bad husband. He was just expressing his free speech. He just had some strong views that are not
popular, that are not considered “politically correct”. The consular officer did her own internet
search, found his activity and “Was NOT amused”, and denied, putting this loving couple’s life’s
on hold. Was it fair or reasonable that they were denied?. No, I don’t think so. Happy end to the story. We took down his Facebook account, reapplied,
and six months later they had their visa and began
their married life together in Alaska. One random consular officer searching on Facebook
ended in a denial. What will happen when ALL Fiance and Spouse
applications are accompanied by a detailed dossier of one’s online statements, comments
jokes, embarrassments, positive and negative feedback from friends or trolls? Expect disaster. Expect many more denials, simply due to exercising
a US Citizen’s right to free speech. In Conclusion: “Freedom of Speech”, doesn’t mean freedom
to get your visa. The prudent path is prior to applying for
a Fiance or Spouse visa to make sure there are no skeletons in your online closet. Clean or temporarily remove, or make private,
potentially controversial aspects of your online and public presence before proceeding
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    February 24, 2018

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  • Joy

    May 2, 2018

    I feel bad with those Conservative Couple. I’m conservative also and Asian coming here due to fiancée visa and I do not support Democrat at all for what they have done! They are real EVIL! They should NOT deny people just because we disagree with them!
    The more they do that, the more I hate them!
    There is no free speech for Conservative people. It’s not a freedom country! It doesn’t make them look great, it makes them look very poor because of their Evil heart!
    May God destroy Democrat

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    Hi, I am from the United Kingdom, my fiance is a US citizen. The whole process seems to be an utter mine field. We are wanting to find out what the best course of action is. We are very much in love and plan on getting married at some point this year either in August or in November. What we are not sure about is whither we should wait to get married and then apply for a K1 visa or wait and apply for a CR1 after we are married. We are in a bit of a jam and do need advice.

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