F2 visa options for work – What You Must Know

Kaushik Ranchod here and what I’m talking about today is what are the F2 visa options We are here live and if you have questions you can call us at 916-613-3553 So one question I had today was what is an option for F2 visa to be able to work Well there is no work authorisation for F2 visas so we have to look at alternative options. One could be Applying for an H1B So that could mean applying in April 1st we’re starting to begin to prepare H1B applications for April 1st filing to start October 1st and as a reminder in order to qualify The position needs to be a specialty occupation which requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent So that’s one option Another option could be changing to F1 status and then later on applying for optional practical training or curricular practical training So those are 2 options for the F2 unfortunately They don’t want you to be able to work with an F2 But those are some alternative options that you could look at if you’re in an F2 visa and then of course you could perhaps also in the future change to H1B and applying for the green card as well That’s it today, if you have questions give us a call 916-613-3553 Thanks for tuning in and see you next week

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