F2 Visa Document Checklist | Tips and Precautions | In Telugu | #usavisavlogs

F2 Visa Document Checklist | Tips and Precautions | In Telugu | #usavisavlogs

Hi Friends my name is Maruthi Prasad Welcome to Eagle Visa and Travel Vlogs , Today we we are discussing about F2 Document checklist first F1 Applicant Who is ur Husband/Spouse who is in USA About Their documents,First updated I-20 copy 2nd we need ur spouse Passport biodata pages along with spouse F1 visa your spouse F1 and their previous travel information to india, stamps in passports will be available and we can add other country travel history if traveled we have to definitely keep them 3rd important documentation Marriage Certificate Wedding Album all proofs of wedding invitation those and Marriage photographs Album for marriage proof These are very important,F2 means Dependant visa your marriage purpose and to find your marriage genuinity in this times visa officer is asking for this documentation and usa current address proof where ur spouse in staying in USA for current address proof any Utility Bill can be used or Bank statement or Driving License any of this documentation should be carried and ur spouse offer letter, your spouse might have completed F1 Status and he might be in F1 OPT and got any job offer we have to carry company issued job offer if already payroll is running, then we need to carry Payslips last 3 recent payslips are sufficient and 3 months of bank statement salary credited bank statement is preferred and they will have I-94 document that is a proof of their visits to USA and exits information this document is available online also, that is one document, This are documents related to you spouse from India for F2 Visa related Dependents what documents to be carried we are carrying all marriage related documentation proofs in addition U will have F2 I-20, which is linked to F1, we will get F2 I-20 by showing funds in Bank account, they will issue F2 I-20 that F2 I-20 is mandatory document to attend interview Even in Ustraveldocs site where we book appointment, we need to enter sevis numbers even in DS 160 form also, we need to enter Principal applicant who is you spouse who is in USA sevis number and dependant I-20 sevis number to be entered so F2 I-20 is one mandate document and then your education related documents If you are current working then your employment related documents like paylsips,Bank statements Employment ID Card, If you are still studying, u can carry bonafide Certificate if you have completed your education and you are unemployed only your previous education can be carried do you need to show any funds in your bank account for this question as we are mentioning clearly that you are dependant in this category you need not show funds specifically in your account your husband or spouse who is in usa when they sponsor your visa only F2 Visas will be success if your spouse in USA is not working then you can add your fathers or father-in-laws Bank account statements and their financial documentation can be carried But, only when your spouse sponsors you then only visas are approved mostly, till your spouse in not working getting F2 visa is bit difficult and that is fact in some exemption cases like your spouse studying in Top University, with full scholarship and your husbands is pursuing PHD and studying with fully funded PHD program or he is in fully funded F1 Visa,in those situations Approval rates are good for F2 Visas at that time U may need not have much financial document issues and documentation wise these are important documents to discuss and more over in a situation where your husband/spouse current employer place is different and working client place might be in different location Job offer company location at one place Client might be in different location, proofs related to this like client letter is better to carry, because Job offered company name will be shown in I-20 copy and our current address in USA will be seen different location,then client letter in hand will be helpful and its safe to carry and easy to answer question clearly in brief these are F2 Dependant visa Document Checklist ” sarve jana sukhino bhavantu” Thank u


  • Renuka dasari Renukadasari

    November 5, 2019

    Thank u very much

  • srivani reddy

    November 21, 2019

    hi sir, i done my visa interview today, they told me ur visa process in hold, marriage certificate submit cheyandi ani oka email and one case number icharu, ma husband next month vasthunnaru marriage certificate cheyinchukoni submit chesthe naku f2 visa aprove avuthunda sir….please give me a reply or provide ur contact details i will call u sir…thank you

  • R V

    January 6, 2020

    I have a bit of doubt. Which is the best way to contact you?


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