Ecotourism : Nongbua Bizarre Dessert Festival

Excuse me, I would like to ask you about how to make ma-now dong and how does it taste like ? Just a brief how-to, right ? It is made from lime with sugar and fish sauce. Oh, it is made from sugar and fish sauce, right ? And how does it taste like It tastes sweet, sour, and a bit salty. It is made from big limes , right ? No, just ordinary lime And this one ? It is made from honey and sugar. Honey and sugar and it tastes sweet, so how different between these limes ? Oh, it’s not different Honey limes have 3 flavors. And the pickled limes are salty and sour Thank you so much ka It’s tasted like plums It’s from fresh honey, a raw one How much is it ma’am ? What dessert is it ? It’s Kanom Kai, we used to call it Kanom Farang. Why did they call Kanom Farang ? It’s from foreigner recipe. The main ingredient is egg and flour and now we still bake it in traditional way. You have baked it for a long time, right ? We’ve baked this dessert since the grand parents period and we do have the special trick to make the outside crispy and the inside soft. What is it ? This is yellow rice and that’s shrimp. What’s yellow rice made of ? We mix turmeric with sticky rice and steam it well and mix with coconut milk, salt, and sugar. And it will look like this ? How long would it take to make this Around 3-4 hours And the shrimp ? The shrimp is made of fried onion and coconut slices and then we mix it until it’s yellow, then we mix with the shrimps. It will taste bit sour. How long have you been made this ? My mom have sold this, ah she already back to her room. haha She is 80 years old and she have did this since she was 20. So it’s around 50 years ? Yah, It’s a big money job. and we also used to make fried noodle too. How do you sell this ? 20 bath each I want but one How long have you did this ? And how long would it take to make one ? Quite long. And how do you sell this ? I sell it 70 baht per each one Is it hard to make ? Can you show us how to do it ? Do explain how tasty is it, I already did that Let me feed you Delicious ? It’s good and it’s not too bad How do you feel about it It’s umm ,It’s delicious I like it the last one we have to try Fried crab noodle I think everyone knows about it It tasted good, very good It’s spicy I like it and it was delicious It’s spicy and sweet It tastes good How do you feel ? Bigsby It’s sweet,spicy but the spicy was much more than sweet Okay, so now we’re finished and thank you for watching us Goodbyeee

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