Ecotourism conference held in Rotorua

It is the first time an ecotourism
conference has been held outside of the South Island. The conference was held at Waiariki
Polytechnic in Rotorua recently. Since ecotourism started 5 years ago it was only a matter of time
before it came to Rotorua where they have always embraced and celebrated it’s
culture and heritage. There has been much information
shared throughout the day regarding the environment
and tourism, which is very important
for us of Te Urewera. One important aspect of ecotourism
relates to the land and forests. One of the main issues
discussed today has been about the land managed
by the Department of Conservation. Perhaps it is time they
seriously considered a working partnership
with the land owners. This afternoon, I will take
some of the people here through the forests of Te Urewera. The conference will continue
until tomorrow. Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.

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