E-Visitor Visa Subclass 651 For Australia

BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM! Asalam Alekum! Friends & viewers how are you all? I am your friend & your host; Muhammad Wajahat Khan & as you all knew that I make video YouTube & Face Book & share it to help newcomers, who are coming, going & providing basic information’s of any country where they do not feel any difficulty. Before starting my topic, it is request that if you like my videos & appreciate my work, so, please like it & share it with your friends as well as subscribe & notify my channel to get my oldest & latest videos & through notification you all will get my latest videos at any time on your email. Today I will describe that how will you apply E-Visitor Subclass 651 in Australia & what is it for/their benefits? Well friends & viewers, as you all knew that first I have to describe contents of visa that what kinds of information’s, I will provide; About E-Visitor, benefits, schemes, before you apply, E-Visitor applicants, apply online & wait for decision. About E-Visitor: You must hold passport from eligible country to apply for this visa. You must be outside Australia when you lodge your application for E-Visitor. You do not need to visit immigration office & you will not receive stamp/label in your passport. However, you will be given confirmation for your records. E-Visitor is electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. E-Visitor can be accessed by airlines, travel agents & Australian border agencies. Benefits: Enter Australia for up to 3 months during each visit during the 12 months from the date the E-Visitor is granted. Have holiday/visit family & friends in Australia. Study in Australia for up to 3 months in some circumstances. Engage in business visitor activities while in Australia provided you: do not work for/provide services to, business/organization; do not sell goods/services to the public. Business visitor activities include: making general business/employment enquiries; investigating, negotiating, signing/reviewing business contract; activities carried out as part of official Govt-to-Govt visit; Participating in conferences, trade fairs/seminars, as long as you are not being paid by the organizers for you participation. Schemes: 1- Volunteer work tourism schemes: 2-In general, E-Visitor does not allow you to work in Australia. However, you might be able to work as volunteer if: your main purpose in visiting Australia is tourism & the voluntary work is incidental to tourism; the work is genuinely voluntary & you are not paid for it, other than for meals, accommodation/out of pocket living expenses. Before you apply: Your E-Visitor is linked to the passport number you use in your application & you should use the same passport to travel to Australia. You might be able to update your passport details using ImmiAccount. If you get new passport while you are in Australia, you do not need to apply for another E-Visitor as long as the 1 you have is still valid. If you leave Australia while your E-Visitor is still valid, you can travel on your new passport but you should keep your old passport with you, as your E-Visitor is attached to that passport. Cost: There is no charge for E-Visitor application. E-Visitor applicants: This information tells you what you need to do to apply for an eVisitor.
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You need separate E-Visitor for each family member travelling with you to Australia. You should apply for your E-Visitor at least 2 weeks before your proposed date of travel. Apply online: Apply online using the Application for E-Visitor form. If you do not receive email from us within 12 hours of lodging your application, login to your ImmiAccount to check the status of the application. Wait for decision: Most E-Visitor applications are granted quickly, but some will take longer. If your application is approved, Embassy will send notification of grant by email. Keep few copies with you when you travel to Australia, as it provides: your E-Visitor grant number; the date your E-Visitor starts; the E-Visitor conditions. No label will be placed in your passport. When you check in to fly to Australia, the airline staff will electronically confirm your passport & E-Visitor details. If your E-Visitor is not approved, Embassy will send you email about the decision. I hope that you love my video, so, please like it & if there is any other thing which is very important & I did not discuss it on my video & you wanted to ask, so, please ask any question without any hesitation. Insha Allah, I will reply it soon when I get your comments & provide sufficient help. Looking forward to seek for your appreciation, like, subscription, notifications as well as for comments. Next time, I will come with new videos & discussions. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz!

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