David Farrier vs Hayden Donnell: round 2 | The Spinoff TV

David Farrier vs Hayden Donnell: round 2 | The Spinoff TV

Enter! Hello Hayden. Take a seat. Okay. Welcome to my home. Thanks for having me. You interviewed me earlier for my Netflix show, Dark Tourist, so I thought I could interview you about your show, Get it to Te Papa. So first up, I know how much you love cheese, so I made this cheeseboard for you. Also I know you love wine so I thought I could pour you a wine. Like, I mean I appreciate this, I really do, but like I thought we were doing more of a little sort of reciprocal interview about… Oh, we are doing an interview, but I just wanted to start on the right foot. Cheers. Congratulations on your new TV show. Delicious. So Hayden, tell me about your new show, Get it to Te Papa. So it’s about me tryna find like unheralded or underappreciated New Zealand artefacts and then tryna get them the respect they deserve in our national museum, Te Papa. Are you yawning? Is that… As a privileged white man, do you feel you’re the right person to be engaging in commentary and discussion around what should be in our national museum? See, I mean this is… quite… pointed already. Well I just, I mean I don’t think I’m the wrong person. No, I think– I think you’re tryna trip me up here. I feel like this is, this is not how I thought this would go. Look, mea culpa, I know our last interview was tense, but I was so grateful that we could get past that so we could promote my show. You know, I don’t feel we did get past it. I feel you gave me an opportunity to promote the show that I’d just done and you basically used it to sabotage me on national TV and I didn’t appreciate that. Meanwhile, look at you. You’re drinking a wine, you’ve got a cheese board there. Look at you! Look at this man.. right here, New Zealand. This is, I feel deeply uh, I feel, I mean you’ve tricked me. You’re a clever imp. You’re really good, you’ve got a lot of experience on camera. Some of us haven’t been on camera our whole lives, we can’t just walk into the nearest funders office and say ‘David Farrier, Three News’ and get $500,000 we have to sort of scrap to get our little– You know what? Fuck you– series. Fuck. You. No what do you mean fuck me? –And fuck all you stand for. This is not all about YOU. It’s all about DAVID FARRIER, AGAIN.– Moan. Who’s that moaning? It’ll be Hayden Donnell I’d say. HOW IS THIS ABOUT YOU? I fucking hated Dark Tourist. FUCK DARK TOURIST! It fucking sucks! Now this finale is all about healing I thought we could have a live mediation, of sorts Hayden David Hi Yeah, so I don’t know why this is necessary It’s all fine We’ve got the professionals in Me I want you to say three things That you like about each other He has nice hair You’ve got beautiful skin Smooth Oh Well I guess In a way he can be nice To hang out with I … enjoyed coming to your wedding It was nice to realise that Another human could love you And that was good to see I mean that feels pointed But it’s really nice of you There’s no talking back To say and I guess I guess For me like no It was really nice having you there When you were there At the wedding And you have been a good friend Most of the time I do feel you fill A certain void in my life And I think in some capacity You do fill my void I fill the void And I do apreciate you for that Thank you It’s beautiful you can You can hug on TV It’s allowed Thank you How long should we hold this? Join us after the break We’re gonna have more group therapy And more love Hold me

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