Costa Rica – The Most Sustainable Destination in Central America

The tiny country of Costa Rica occupies
less than 1% of the world’s surface but is home to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Often considered a pioneer in ecotourism, Costa Rica draws in over 3 million visitors annually to its lush national parks, rainforests, beautiful beaches, and rumbling volcanoes. For sustainable travelers like us Costa Rica has been an ideal destination to learn more about the successful model of ecotourism in Costa Rica Ecotourism in Costa Rica emerged back in the 90s well before the term ecotourism became the buzzword in the industry and today the country is seen as a leader in sustainable development. Ecotourism practices in Costa Rica have helped minimize adverse effects of mass tourism on the natural resources and provided financial benefits to the local communities across
the country. Over 25 percent of land in Costa Rica is protected through national
parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and private reserves and the country boasts
incredible diversity of bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian species. The Certification for Sustainable Tourism program encourages hotels and tour operators to use sustainable practices in their operations Today thousands of operators across the country are proudly displaying their Green Leaf Certification. The Blue Flag ecological program is another great government initiative that aims to keep coastal beaches and waterways clean. Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that is well on the way to achieving the ambitious goal of being the first carbon-neutral
destination. Today, it generates over 90% of its electricity through renewable resources. Having experienced ecotourism in Costa
Rica first hand, we now understand that the environmental and economic benefits of ecotourism in this country can not be denied. But not every visit to Costa Rica is guaranteed to be a sustainable experience. True ecotourism is found away
from popular tourist destinations in places where one needs to give up some
luxuries, get off the beaten path, connect with nature, appreciate the wildlife and the raw beauty of Costa Rica in “Pura Vida” style!

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