Como Fazer esmalte com restos de maquiagem / How To: nail enamel with old makeup

Old makeup: yes! You can repackage them! Today, the “Como Fazer” you learn to build very stylish enamel for nails. But first, a message of our partner’s YouTube, Bia Anjos. Hi people, I am of the channel Bia Anjos Makeup and I invite you to enjoy beauty tips, makeup and nails decorated to know my YouTube’s channel and be part of this feminine universe with me. Subscribe and stay on top of the news. Kisses! It is very easy to make your enamel sustainable. You will only need a base of enamel, colored make up and a stick to move. To transform your makeup old in a enamel, you will only need a base, the color you will use and a toothpick. Open your base and pour the colored make up inside. We use a paper and made a funnel, so it does not shed any make up out of the pot. Do you know why it is important to discard the leftover makeup correctly? What most people do not know, It treats many of these women are not recyclable, create pollution soil, air and groundwater. Apart from damage to human health. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer and he will guide you to make proper disposal. It is worth remembering that you can mix the colors of your makeup and create its just a tone! Like that? Let your “Like” and SIGN UP to our channel! If not, write your comment and your suggestion .
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