Chi Path Koh Kong Trip #chipath

Hehehehe!!! Preparing for adventure Okay, Let’s go Today, I’m going to Chi Path CBT, and then Chroy Svay fishing village ByeBye!!!! We need TukTuk Now, 5:30AM Idon, shorter than me Bye…….! We are not Couple but always the same we’re having Breakfast at KomPong Spea Now we stop for Coffee break at 333 Picn Nil Coffee. Our trip so nice. she is tour leader Okay, Are you see me…. I’m So ugly man!!! next stop in Srea Ambel Bridge landscape view at Pich Nil Arrive next stopppp! Now not hungry so we’re not eat lunch here. Our Camera M10 have problem with memory card Mushroom from the fores….Called Phset Smach 1kg 3500Real our team Now I’m walking for 3 km to Chi Phat we have a van but we want to walking 4 of us walking together Arrival at Sun Bear lodge & Bungalow okay Today we are stay here for 1 night Durian tree around here. I don’t like to eat Durian, I don’t know I never thing about it, I’m not hungry. I did not eat when I was Childe I everyone come Here don’t forget to stay here “Sun Bear Nice for staying here HaHaHappy Lolllzzz Now I’m hungry but not durian I go to take some pictures and rest sis Model Hey!! Dogggg Many visitor today Kind of vegetable in my village It’s delicious all of my favorite food where___ we go Sis? save life save natural Come back and sleep it’s not bad

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