hi viewer this time i was in Borobudur temple want to know Borobudur Temple in 2019 come on! because yesterday I went to Prambanan Temple so I bought two tickets straight away Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple tickets Ticket price is Rp. 70,000 it’s cheaper than you buy your own Prambanan tickets and Borobudur themselves come in! before we enter the Borobudur Temple area we will pass two checks First, bag inspection and the second is ticket checking it turns out that the inspection here is stricter than in Prambanan maybe because this temple is bigger than Prambanan oh still have to show the ticket the employees at Borobudur Temple are very friendly they always give a smile to the visitors of Borobudur Temple first entered Borobudur Temple area we will be welcomed with the big ‘BOROBUDUR’ word this place is very iconic to take pictures very lucky today, Pemircess because the air isn’t so hot yet so just take a leisurely walk and the view is very beautiful okay, come along! the journey begins, let’s go up and you have to have a lot of energy Borobudur Temple is one of the wonders of the world from the 9th century Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the 9th century if you want to go to Borobudur Temple you better go to Borobudur Temple as early as possible what for? so you don’t get too hot and can enjoy the beauty of Borobudur and also you can linger in Borobudur Temple besides places for historical tours Borobudur Temple is also a religious tourism site for people who are Buddhist this is one of the religious tourism activities which is practiced by Buddhists they come from a Buddhist community coming from several countries Borobudur Temple is one of the world’s Buddhist places of worship, Pemircess every year, this temple complex became the center of celebration Vesak holiday which was visited by Buddhists from various countries they surround Borobudur Temple from the lowest level up to the highest level because in Borobudur Temple it has several levels, Pemircess in each of these temple buildings symbolizes the stages of human life Borobudur Temple is recorded as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1991 This temple has 1460 reliefs and 504 stupas it’s not only my Borobudur Temple that is the center of attention but there are also natural scenes which is very beautiful around the Borobudur Temple if we walk clockwise then the relief of Borobudur will tell about very legendary story namely Ramayana very happy in Borobudur Temple I met the Pemircess Smart Viewers I will never forget the experience at Borobudur Temple Hi Pemircess! I have traveled to Borobudur now hungry because it turns out get on the Borobudur requires extra energy even though I had breakfast let’s eat at Manohara Restaurant let’s see how the restaurant is Manohara Restaurant is one restaurant which is in the Borobudur Temple area besides restaurants, here there is also the Hotel Manohara there are several packages you can go to Borobudur Temple and see the beauty of the rising sun or sunset through Manohara Hotel I think when I entered Manohara Resto the price will be exorbitant but apparently eating and drinking here the price is quite standard, Pemircess for tourists who went to Borobudur Temple I want to choose lunch first I was surprised, Pemircess because the place is really luxurious but it turns out I look around the price not bad not too expensive standard restaurant prices in tourist attractions it turns out it’s really cheap not bad OK, I’ll choose the food first after that, I’ll tell you later what do I eat eat at Manohara Resto won’t drain your pockets will not simplify fill your wallet looks really good can’t wait to eat chicken steak accompanied by the beauty of the natural scenery around Borobudur Temple time to eat already know what menu I ordered and always drink everywhere Warm tea, Pemircess well Then, have a nice meal so many trips Princess Adhana to Borobudur Temple do not forget to like subscribe and always watch Putri Ardhana’s youtube channel bye-bye

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