Can I Apply for a CR1 Spousal Visa From Outside the U.S.?

Blanca Rodriguez asks: “Can you complete the
entire CR1 process through RapidVisa as a US citizen from outside the US? If so, will my documents be sent overseas
or to my US address?” In some cases, depending on the embassy, you
can file for what is called a DCF, or Direct Consular Filing. There’s a list of approximately 30 embassies
that have USCIS field offices. If they have that, you can actually process
your petition there and RapidVisa can process those cases for you and all your paperwork. The process is basically the same, except
they eliminate the National Visa Center stage. There’s usually three stages to a spousal
visa. There’s the USCIS stage, the National Visa
Center stage, and the US Embassy stage. With the Direct Consular Filing, they just
remove the NVC stage, or National Visa Center stage. If they do not process it there (in the alien’s
country), it’s recommended that you have the documents sent to your US address because
if you file with the USCIS in the United States, they will mail your documents to your home
address in the US. It has to be a US domicile. They will not mail them overseas. Now, it’s a different story once you get to
the embassy stage. They’ll send the interview packet and things
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