Business Owner Visa Subclass 890 For Australia

BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM! Asalam Alekum! Friends & viewers how are you all? I am your friend & your host; Muhammad Wajahat Khan & as you all knew that I make video YouTube & Face Book & share it to help newcomers, who are coming, going & providing basic information’s of any country where they do not feel any difficulty. Before starting my topic, it is request that if you like my videos & appreciate my work, so, please like it & share it with your friends as well as subscribe & notify my channel to get my oldest & latest videos & through notification you all will get my latest videos at any time on your email. Today I will describe that how will you apply Business Owner Subclass 890 in Australia & what is it for/their benefits? Well friends & viewers, as you all knew that first I have to describe contents of visa that what kinds of information’s, I will provide; Features, duration, cost, eligibility, Eligibility, health, character, debts to Australian govt, benefits, to do list, documents & apply. Features, duration, cost: This is permanent residence visa. You will be able to travel in & out of Australia for 5 years. You will live permanently on this visa & Fee will be charged Per Head AUD 2,225. Eligibility: ​A Business Owner Subclass 890 visa is for people who own & manage business in Australia. You might be able to get this visa if: you hold 1 of the following provisional visas granted on the basis that you/your current/former spouse/de facto partner satisfied the primary criteria: 1- ​Business Owner Provisional visa Subclass 160 ; 2- Senior Executive Provisional visa Subclass 161; 3- Investor Provisional visa Subclass 162; 4- State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Provisional visa Subclass 163; 5- State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive Provisional visa Subclass 164; 6- State/Territory Sponsored Investor Provisional visa Subclass 165. You have met all the conditions of your provisional visa; you have lived in Australia on 1 of these visas for at least 12 months in the past 2 years; you & all your family members meet health & character Eligibility; you have genuine commitment to continue to maintain business/investment activities in Australia; neither you nor your spouse/de facto partner has ever been involved in unacceptable business activities. ​Eligibility: you must show: 1- ownership of business; 2- acquisition of business; 3- employees & business/ personal assets; 4- turnover; 5- management in the main business/businesses. Benefits: ​This is permanent residence visa. It lets you & any family members who have also been granted this visa: stay in Australia indefinitely; work & study in Australia; enroll l in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health-related care & expenses; apply for Australian citizenship; sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence; travel to & from Australia for 5 years from the date the visa is granted. You & your family are not able to access social security payments. You can qualify for Special Benefit payment from Centre link if you suffer major change of circumstances that is beyond your control. To do this: complete the notification form: Form 927–State/Territory notification: Business Skills class; send the completed form to the appropriate state/territory authority. Documents: All documents of Applicants. Provide certified copies of original documents. Do not include original documents unless Embassy specifically asks for them. Police certificates should be original documents. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations. Some documents could take some time to obtain. You should have them ready when you lodge the application to reduce any delays in processing. Apply: To apply for this visa you must complete: Form 47BU–Application for Business Skills permanent visa; Form 1217–Business Skills profile: Business Owner Residence. Applications must be made by: 1- posting the application with correct prepaid postage to: Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre, Department of Immigration & Border Protection, GPO Box 2399, ADELAIDE SA 5001, AUSTRALIA; 2- having the application delivered by courier service to: Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre, Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Level 4, 70 Franklin Street, ADELAIDE SA 5001. You can pay fees by credit card, debit card, bank cheque/money order made payable to the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. Email enquiries: [email protected]; also you can check email & addresses through CC/Subtitles. Health: The health examinations you need; will depend on your personal circumstances. The results are usually valid for 12 months. Do not arrange health examination until Embassy asks you to. Health insurance: You are responsible for all your health costs while you are in Australia. You will not be covered by Australia’s national health scheme Medicare unless your country has reciprocal health care agreement with Australia. If your country does not have reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, you should ensure your insurance will provide at least the level of coverage required for the purpose of your stay. Your health insurer can be in either Australia/your home country. Your insurance must cover you & any members of your family who come with you to Australia. Character: You must be prepared to provide police certificate from each country you have lived in for 12 months/more during the past 10 years after you turned 16 years of age. Do not arrange for police certificates until Embassy asks you to. This also applies to all dependent family members in the application who are 16 years of age/older. Debts to the Australian Government: You must have no outstanding debts to the Australian Government/have arranged to repay any outstanding debts to Australian govt before this visa can be granted. I hope that you love my video, so, please like it & if there is any other thing which is very important & I did not discuss it on my video & you wanted to ask, so, please ask any question without any hesitation. Insha Allah, I will reply it soon when I get your comments & provide sufficient help. Looking forward to seek for your appreciation, like, subscription, notifications as well as for comments. Next time, I will come with new videos & discussions. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz!

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