BEST FREE THINGS TO DO IN SINGAPORE – Guide to Best Free Tourist Places & Attractions in Hindi 2018

BEST FREE THINGS TO DO IN SINGAPORE – Guide to Best Free Tourist Places & Attractions in Hindi 2018

There are many FREE
Tourist Attractions in Singapore but some of those
attractions are free because nobody will pay money
to visit those attractions, But the ones that I’m gonna
show you in this video, out of them some of those
attractions are so good, that people will be happy
to pay for those attractions. So now without further ado, I will tell you about those
10 tourist attractions which are FREE, and I think most of you will
like those Tourist Attractions. So the first Free Tourist Attraction,
that I am going to show you is Singapore’s Famous Merlion Park. You must have seen this statue,
in many photos or videos. This is Singapore’s
famous Merlion Statue and you can visit
this park for free. This is a very good tourist spot Most of the tourist who visit Singapore,
take photos with this statue. Now the second Free Tourist Attraction
that I am about to tell you, is very near to Merlion Park, and this place is within
5 minutes walking distance. and that place is known as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay Here you can watch free Shows
in their Indoor & Outdoor Theatres. Every month they have different shows
based on different themes, and mostly those shows are
performed in the evening, you can find the schedule
of those shows on their website, and here as well. Although I have not been
able to attend these shows and the reason I am telling you
is so that you can attend them. The next tourist attraction
that I am about to share is within 10 to 15 minutes of
walking distance from Esplanade. And that place is known as The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. This building is part of Singapore’s
Famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is a huge shopping mall, Here you can roam around and can
do some Free Window Shopping, also you can get a Free Entry inside
one of the Largest Casino. It will take at least 1.5 OR 2 Hours
to see this place & visit casino I will advise you,
that if possible visit this place by or after
6 o’clock in the evening, so that after spending
1.5 OR 2 Hours you can visit the next
Free Tourist Attraction which takes place just outside this building,
there’s a section called Event Plaza, Wherein you will get to see
one Amazing Free Show This show is known as SPECTRA, it’s a musical show of
Lights and Fountains, Every night they present this show
at 8pm and 9pm, But just on Fridays and Saturdays
there’s one extra show at 10pm. The next tourist attraction
that I am about to tell you, is also a Fountains Show but that show takes place at this Fountain
which is known as Fountain of Wealth. This Fountain is in front of Singapore’s
Suntec City Shopping Mall, and the duration of this show
is of 15 minutes. and is shown every night
at 8pm, 8:30pm and 9pm. Now the tourist attraction
I’m about to tell you, is inside Singapore’s
Famous Gardens by the Bay. Inside Gardens by the Bay there are Outdoor Gardens, and to visit those Outdoor Gardens
you don’t need to buy any ticket, it is completely free. and area of these
Outdoor Gardens is quite large, to visit all Sections of these Outdoor Gardens you will need at least 3 to 4 hours the next tourist attraction
that I am about to tell you, is also within
these Outdoor Gardens, here there’s a section
named as Supertree Grove. Here every night there’s a Free Show
named as Garden Rhapsody this show is a beautiful experience of
music & lights, you must see this show. This show is performed twice
every night at 7.45pm, 8.45pm. Apart from this if you like gardens, then you must visit the Famous
Botanic Gardens of Singapore, Even here also Entry is Free. Inside Singapore Botanic Gardens there are several small gardens/ sections if you wish to see every garden here, then even a whole day’s
time won’t be enough. Now I will tell you about
another good tourist attraction and this is East Coast Park If you wish to visit a good beach that’s clean and beautiful, then you must visit
Singapore’s East Coast Park. This is also a park and there is a beach in front of it, It’s a large area consist of
several small sections, Here there’s also a section
of a small park for kids to play, even this is free and kids
will love to visit this park. Now the last tourist attraction
that I am about to tell you, is inside Terminal 3 of
Singapore’s Changi Airport. Here you can visit an
amazing Butterfly Garden, even though this
Butterfly Garden is free but it is very well designed and the atmosphere inside
is also really good. Besides this, there are a few other
tourist attractions inside the Changi Airport , but you will surely like
this Butterfly Garden. You will need maximum half hour’s time
to visit this Butterfly Garden. In this video, I could not share detailed information on
all these Tourist Attractions, But very soon,
on this channel you will also get detailed videos on
some of these tourist attractions. If you liked this video,
then on this channel you will also get videos of few
other tourist attractions in Singapore, also there are videos
of Singapore’s hotel’s reviews. To see more such videos stay connected
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