Ambassador’s message, China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019

Ambassador’s message, China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa [Greetings, Greetings, Greetings to you all] 我是新西兰驻华大使傅恩莱 [I’m Clare Fearnley, New Zealand Ambassador to China] 今年2019年是中国和新西兰的旅游年 [2019 is the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism] And it’s been a very active year [这一年非常丰富多彩] The year was launched with the spectacular opening at Te Papa, featuring the terracotta soldiers of Shaanxi Province [旅游年在蒂帕帕新西兰国家博物馆拉开帷幕,来自陕西省的兵马俑大放异彩。] And throughout the year, there have been many activities in both of our countries in China and New Zealand. [全年里,中国和新西兰两国都开展了许多活动。] And it’s all about increasing the exchanges between the peoples of our two countries, [这些活动旨在增进两国人民之间的交流,] to deepen the understanding culturally and about our history and our natural environment.[加深对彼此文化、历史和自然环境的了解。] So we looking forward to welcoming even more Chinese friends to New Zealand in the remainder of the year, [我们期待迎接更多中国朋友在今年余下的时间里到新西兰,] to come to see our beautiful scenery, [来欣赏新西兰美丽的风光,] to experience our deep culture, [体验我们深厚的文化,] including in particular the Māori culture, the culture of the indigenous people of New Zealand, [特别是新西兰原住民毛利人的文化。] and of course to sample our wonderful seafood and the other cuisine of New Zealand.[当然也欢迎品尝新西兰美味的海鲜及其它美食。] 我祝旅游年完满成功![I wish the Year of Tourism a complete success!]

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  • Sineye Nebo

    October 22, 2019

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