A Daytrip to the Danube (Boat Ride from Kelheim to Weltenburg, Hermitage “Klösterl”, Burg Randeck)

[music] Hi folks, here is Tobias. Hi, I’m Synthia. And today we
are doing a boat trip. On the river Danube, “Donau” we say in German. And
today we see beautiful landscapes, we gonna visit a very ancient monastery and… and have some beer. Oh, we have some good dark beer that is
brewed in that monastery named Kloster Weltenburg. Our boat trip today
starts in Kelheim, a lovely city in Lower Bavaria. Kelheim itself is framed between two rivers: River Altmühl and river Danube. This is Donaudurchbruch, the Danube Gorge where the rocks are up to 80
metres high. Ahead of us, this is Kloster Weltenburg – the Weltenburg Abbey. Famous
for the beer garden. Famous also for this beautifully decorated baroque church. And famous of course for the excellent
dark beer. We return to Kelheim in a “Zille”. That is a wooden barge that was
traditionally used by the fishermen on the river Danube. During the summer the Danube river has
around 20° Celsius. A temperature that it’s very inviting for a swim. [music] Halfway between Weltenburg and Kelheim we
disembark the barge and hike back. A short visit to the “Klösterl”, an hermitage
and Franciscan monastery from the 1400s surprises us with this cave chapel. With all that beautiful impressions we
hike back along the Danube to our starting point Kelheim. But we use the
evening hours to visit Burg Randeck, a 1,000 year old ruined hill castle with a
spectacular view over the Altmühl Valley Nature Park. Hey there! We reached the final stop of a
beautiful day. We are here on Castle Randeck. This is a borough that’s at
least 1,000 years old, very close to the city of Kelheim. And if you want to see the
places that we saw today and visit the places that we visited today, just give
us a call, write us an email and we will be on tour with you at river Danube and river Altmühl. [music]

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