A Day Exploring Dublin | Traveler’s Notebook Vlog | @laurenfairwx

Our first day in Dublin was a complete
whirlwind. I really like traveling on planes! I don’t mind them that much. I
know that tiredness comes along with it. I like sitting in airports and having a
chance to breathe and relax and so I didn’t mind it. I was excited the whole
time, but once we arrived, I was just even more excited. The plane landed at about
8:30 in the morning and we had been flying all night and we were so excited
that we got like this initial rush of energy that immediately went away when
we had to wait in line for customs for like an hour. It took a while. We got in
the car with some friends and drove to our hotel where we’re staying for the
week and it was so exciting! I just was looking out the window constantly. We
stopped at the hotel to kind of freshen up. We couldn’t get into our room so we
dropped off our luggage and we just decided to roam around Dublin and see
what we can find. We hopped onto the light rail, got into the middle of the
city, and just walked around. [hopeful background music] Dublin is a really beautiful place to
walk around and we just were so wide-eyed and amazed at everything. It’s
so much older than everything I’m used to seeing and it was really cool seeing
all these old churches and these cute little shops. There’s a chain here called
Boston Donuts which I was very amused by. Matt: What are you laughing at? Boston Donuts? Lauren: that’s totally meant to look like Dunkin
Donuts! It’s very clearly supposed to look like Dunkin Donuts with the logo
and the purple and it’s, every time I saw one, I laughed to myself and thought hey,
I just left from there. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch and they had
these big comfy soft chairs which was perfect because we still hadn’t slept. We
were hungry and we were really happy to just sit and relax and have a really
nice lunch. And that’s basically what we did the whole day, we just wandered
around and looked at things and it was really really fun. I want to remember
this sandwich forever. So delicious. I got some peppermint tea and I was
working on my traveler’s notebook while we were waiting for the food to come. So I
wanted to give you a little peek into the travelers notebook that I was
working on when I was in Dublin. Normally I do this when I get home so I was
excited to get to have time to work on it on the trip. So anyway, I started out
by taping in the ticket stub from our first flight there, added some journaling
to the left of that, and then I filled in some space with little stars and a
metallic pen. For this big header in the middle of the page, I did some faux calligraphy where I just added extra lines to the down strokes of all of my scripted
letters. I added these little dots and X’s because I think they look like
little treasure maps and then I cut up some extra pieces that I wanted to add
in because I felt like I needed some color and a picture so this picture came from a map that I got out of the lobby of our
hotel, and then this next piece is a journaling card from a store called in a
creative bubble. I really like their work and I added a little bit of journaling
to the bottom of that! I had a really wonderful day just exploring Dublin and
I’m glad that I had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts about the trip.
it’ll be nice to look back at this someday.

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