5 People Who Claimed to be TIME TRAVELLERS

I just time travel here from…
from… a crap. Ah time travel, I mean it’s impossible right? To go backwards or
forwards in time? Well maybe not, but the folks I’m going to be talking about in
this video, they found a way to, like, come back in time from the future and live
amongst us. You know and make some money off it but you know that’s beside the
point. People from other times, they live amongst us if only we would believe!
These ridiculous stories completely full of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Have you ever heard of Valerie
lickinova… I can novalee…. Kiki over look never… this? Well you may be familiar with
what she looks like. Now as for if ik as it is she’s clearly a fan of the old
nip/tuck however she claims that she’s actually an alien time traveller who
came to earth to save the world from superficiality by being incredibly
superficial the Ukrainian Barbie I’m going to call her that because I’m not
gonna try and pronounce your name again who by the by her spiritual name is
amatsu rose to internet fame in 2012 with her
video space Barbie in which she said she is here to help move us from the role of
the human consumer to the role of the human demigod she already published a
book available in all good bookstores and wants to be a pop star because we all know that is like the
least superficial of all careers so fair play to her you won’t get the wanna kick
besides in the year 2000 someone started posting on the internet claiming that
they were an American soldier from the Year 2036 first of all on this row
China’s gonna rule the world by then he called himself John Titor and he was on
his way back to 1975 catch up on gladiator in the cinema and other year
2000 pop culture stuff he was travelling back using a device installed in 1987
Chevy Suburban obviously he was a fan of back to the future because we all are
it’s awesome and he was traveling to obtain an IBM
5100 computer to find a computer virus to destroy the world in his posts tighter hinted that in 2015
Russia would launch nuclear strikes that killed almost 3 billion people I mean I
don’t think that that’s happened yet but maybe I’m just really out of the loop
with the news guys he stopped posting in 2001 however in 2003 a book of all his
posts was published under the name John Titor a time traveler’s tale the book
was published by the John Titor foundation a for-profit corporation run
by an entertainment lawyer so I know you’re thinking where can i buy this
like amazing book well it can be yours for only one thousand seven hundred and
seventy-five euro what are you waiting for an attorney from Seattle by the name
of Andrew Bassanio says that when he was a child he and another man where chrono
knots secret US government time travel program called project Pegasus the
purpose of this to protect the earth establish territory on Mars and to get
the many humans and animals that already live in Mars to get used to us and we
haven’t even gotten to the good part yet apparently all Barack Obama himself was
one of the Time Traveler’s with them yep a young Abama traveled with Andrew here
and back then he went by the name Barry Sottero the White House has denied these
claims in 2006 old hacker Norton list came home to find water covering his
kitchen floor assuming it was a leak as you would he got his tools and he
crawled under the kitchen sink but he couldn’t reach the pipes probably
because he was fat for what happened then I had to crawl inside the cabinet
and as I did so I discovered it just continued so I kept on crawling further
and further into the cabinet in the end of the tunnel I saw a light and when I
got there I realized I was in the future how exactly did he realize this I’ve no
idea a year was 2042 and that’s when Norquist met a 72 year old self to his
surprise the future Norquist’s knew things that only he could know where
he’d hidden his secret things in the first grade the two selves even had the
same tattoo though future Nordic mists was a little faded
the men posed for a selfie on the Younger Norka visits phone the photo
which was the only one Norquist apparently thought to take in the year
2042 showed that Norquist had some physical changes to look forward to
including notably growing a few inches when you’re supposed to do the opposite
father Pellegrino air neti a Benedictine monk
invented a TV but not just any TV a time-traveling TV or okay rather one
that lets you view past events called a Crone of Iser Arnett he claimed to a
witnessed the Last Supper Christ’s crucifixion and Napoleon and
Cicero unfortunately for us our Nettie’s team dismantled the device because in
the wrong hands it would create the most fearsome dictatorship the world has ever
seen I mean that’s a fair enough reason I
couldn’t have thought of a better one myself to destroy my own bullshit
machine so if you have time to travel yourself please let me know in the
comments below and then I for one I know I will look like in about three years
time so so I’m looking forward to that and yeah thanks for watching hope you
enjoyed the video Mike go

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