2016 How to apply for Spouse Visa CR1 Faq 04

2016 How to apply for Spouse Visa CR1 Faq 04

Hello This is Fred Wahl the Visa Coach Todays topic is: How to apply for a CR1 Spouse
Visa in 2016? Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known
for giving you personal one-on-one attention AND for going the “extra mile” to create for
you an impressive “front loaded application” that tells “YOUR story” to convince a skeptical
immigration officer to approve your case. Don’t risk facing immigration alone. Rookie
mistakes cause tears, delays and expensive denials. Let the VisaCoach guide you quickly
and safely each step along the way. This is what two of my clients Tommy and Aizhen,
had to say: Aizhen is from China, and was granted a Spouse
visa., Thanks Fred. Great job with the petition.
I could of never put together such a compelling and complete packet.
We are happy to announce that Aizhen’s Visa was approved and we are very grateful to you
for your valuable assistance. We are in a hotel in Guangzhou awaiting the time to pick
up the Visa. The interview was quick because the application was complete. After fingerprints
and swearing in, she met with the Interviewing Officer. The interviewing process was about
10 minutes long, thanks to the complete application you provided. We will be forever grateful
for your assistance and will tell everyone about your service. In fact, Aizhen’s Son
is strongly considering immigration in the near future and we would like you to handle
the process. Thank’s again! Now, lets talk about How to apply for a CR1
Spouse Visa? Two departments of the federal government
are involved with the processing of Spouse Visas. USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services)
(part of homeland security) and the US Department of State. USCIS handles the initial processing of the
application Here, Stateside, And then the Department of State will first
process the case at their National Visa Center, NVC
in New Hampshire, then forward the case for final processing at the American Embassy
or consulate overseas in the country where your spouse lives. First you the US citizen (or lawful permanent
resident) submit your application to USCIS. Spouse Visa Cases are sent to Chicago or Phoenix
(depending on where you live), sorted, then distributed (sometimes randomly) around the
USA to 5 different processing centers USCIS sends you a receipt. On that receipt
is shown your case number. The first three letters indicate which center
has been assigned to the case. EAC Vermont
LIN Nebraska MSC Missouri
WAC California SRC Texas Historically, some of the centers, notably
WAC California, work faster then others, and SRC Texas has been the slowest. But you don’t have a choice. Its the work
of the initial sorting clerk that determines where the case goes. The sorting
is mostly geographic, but there seems to be a lot of randomness
as well. USCIS examines the application, and reviews
that the required civil documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates,
divorce decrees, visa photos, etc have been included. USCIS verifys that you are eligible to apply. The FBI gets involved and does a criminal
backgound check on the American. At this stage if USCIS finds items missing
or problems, they either deny outright (if you really messed
up the application) or issue an RFE (request for evidence) listing
what is missing and giving you about a month to fix the issue. When satisfied, USCIS approves your application
(at least as far as USCIS is concerned). The case is passed over to the Department
of State. The Department of State has a processing center
in New Hampshire, called the National Visa Center or NVC. NVC takes over processing. First they choose which consulate
conducts further processing of your case. They assign a new
case number that identifies the consulate, and
The new case number, starts with three letters that indicate which consulate is assigned. For example MNL for Manila, Philippines
GUZ for Guangzhou, China CDJ for Juarez, Mexico
RDJ for Rio, Brazil BGT for Bogata, Colombia
SDO for Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. HCM for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
KEV for Kyiv, Ukraine MOS for Moscow, Russia Via email they contact both you and your spouse,
requesting first that she assigns you as her “Agent”, submits an online
application form, and finally asking for two separate payments. The first payment is for processing of your
affidavit of support, the other for processing of her visa. Once payments have been made, you mail a packet
of civil documents, police clearances and and financial evidences
to NVC. I call this the “mini petition”. NVC reviews your “mini petition”, and once
satisfied that all required materials have been provided, notifies you that your
spouse’s interview has been scheduled at the overseas consulate, and confirms
time, date, and what documents need be hand carried to the interview. Then NVC ships the file via diplomatic pouch
to the consulate in her country. It takes about 2 weeks for the case file to
arrive and be entered into the overseas consulate’s system. Once there, the consulate contacts your spouse,
with their instructions. Notification may be by mail, phone or email. The consulate advises: Where to obtain the medical and finally, a
details about any special instructions the consulate may have. At the interview, she presents originals of
her civil documents from the “mini petition” and meets with a consular officer. His job is to catch fraud. He asks her questions
to assess whether he will grant the visa, or if ineligibility is discovered,
or fraud suspected deny the visa. This is where the higher VisaCoach standard,
for crafting “front loaded presentations” wins the day. The consular officer always
reviews the case file before the interview starts. Our plan
is that he will find many good reasons why he should trust you and approve the visa.
Even before he invites your spouse to sit in front of his
desk, he should already be mentally prepared to say “yes”.
This makes the interview a fast and friendly, formality. Most VisaCoach clients
hear “Welcome to the USA” in just 3 to 4 minutes If the inteview ends with “Welcome to America”
your spouse’s passport with it’s new spouse visa attached is returned
to her about two weeks later. The spouse visa is good for six months for
her to start her travel to the USA. Once she arrives, after you settle, she contacts
USCIS advising her new address. A month later she visits a USCIS office for
biometrics (ID photo and fingerprinting) and a month after that her Green Card, that
shows she is now a “Lawful permanent resident” arrives in the
mail. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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He will suggest which visa is right for you, the best strategy to get it, and how soon
your love could join you. The friendly advice and wisdom he’ll freely
share with you, might make the difference between
approval and denial, and could save you months, or years, of lonliness and separation. What have you got to lose? Book your free consultation today.


  • Dexter Pedraza

    May 31, 2016

    Hello. I just wanna ask on How LGBT can get a visa to get in US? thanks.

  • CK MsW

    June 3, 2016

    Hi, my name is William and I have learned a lot from the uploaded videos from your channel, and thank you for the direct and detailed information.

    My situation is the following:

    I married my wife overseas, in Mexico two months ago. I been in a relationship with her for 6 years and a half, but she has a kid, which I know for 6 years and a half.

    My Question is the following:

    Which petitions do I have to make to begin the process?
    i-130 for spouse
    i-130 for step-child
    g-325a For me and her and then say that I am petitioning the child as K2 visa and my wife for CR1 Visa?

    Thank you for reading.

  • Pakistan Officials

    November 30, 2016

    Hi coach how are you and your family I hope everything ok.
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    March 25, 2017

    hey visa coach i did my interview an January 11 2017 after interview the counselor took my passport and say everything is check everything is okay. but need a joint sponeor an he give me a 221g white paper asking for a joint sponeor an i submitted the documents by email as he ask.from January 31 2017 now I have bin waiting for almost two months. do u think my visa is approved?

    an the 221g it say temperature refues .

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    Hi i am a filipina and my husband is a Filipino he is a green card holder who lives in Texas for more than 5years now and currently on the process of his citizenship. We got married May 2016 in PhilIppines and he applied for my visa August 2016. We receive the uscis approval last december and the NVC emailed us this january 2017 says our case is currently not eligible due to the annual limit on the number of immigrant visa that the dept of state can issue. We haven't receive any mail/email from NVC since then. It's been 6 months now. What are we going to do now?


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