2.3 IELTS speaking (Part 3: Your TRAVEL AND TOURISM) –

2.3 IELTS speaking (Part 3: Your TRAVEL AND TOURISM) –

Hello… and welcome to IELTS daily. My name is Chris, the IELTS expert and this is the best place for you to practice your
IELTS every day. In today’s session, we’re continuing our discussion around travel
and tourism. Did you do some practice after our last session on part 2? Well, in
today’s session we’re looking at part 3 and some of the recent exam questions. It’s a really good idea to record yourself using your smartphone. So nowadays many smartphones have the recording software so you can listen to
yourself after you have practiced. Try to think about you as an examiner listening
to your recording. Do you like it? Do you use good vocabulary? Do you have any
grammar mistakes? It’s so important to record yourself. I think you should do
that every time you practice! Part 3 of the speaking exam could be a number of
different types of questions. In today’s session, the first question we’re going
to look at is… It’s super important
to be prepared. This type of question is really similar to a writing essay
question and also a part three speaking question. So, let’s brainstorm
some ideas together now. So how can tourism negatively affect a region? Here
are some ideas. Tourism can have both positive and negative effects on a region. Allow
me to talk about some of the damage that tourism can do to an area. The most
obvious problem is an increase in pollution traffic and litter. If a local
authority or council doesn’t provide more services, this will cause a problem
for local people. Litter will accumulate and traffic will become so problematic
that locals will begin to complain. Not only this, as the number of tourists
increases this can create some crime problems. There are some examples where tourists can behave really badly. They can be disrespectful to a local area and
there could be some culture clash. Did you like that answer? Let’s look at
some more useful vocabulary that you could use during the exam. Let’s practice the pronunciation of some
difficult words because remember that 25% of your mark comes from
pronunciation. It’s important to use good, high-level
vocabulary but you have to use it correctly. Next, let’s learn some new
grammar in our teaching time. Do you know about prepositions?
They’re really important so let’s learn about them now. In the IELTS exam, you need to know how
to use dependent prepositions correctly. So, let’s take a look at some examples
now. Before we finish,
let’s have a look at some of the other common questions that have appeared in
the IELTS test with regards to the topic travel and tourism. I hope this gave you some ideas for speaking part three. In the next session,
we’ll be talking about sports and fitness…. another really common question
in the IELTS speaking exam. My name is Chris, the IELTS expert and band 9 scorer.
This is IELTS daily, the best way for you to practice IELTS everyday. You’re
doing so well… thanks for joining and see you soon!


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