🇺🇸Disneyland Vlog 4: Attractions at Disneyland Park, Characters, Disneyland Band and much more

Good Morning ! We are still in Disneyland in Anaheim This is our 3rd day We are now taking the monorail to Tomorrowland Then we first heading to the Fastpass machines of Space Mountain followed by a ride Peter Pan because Peter Pan has no Fastpass here it’s strange that Peter Pan has no Fastpass here, it’s just stand-by so you have to do this one, early in the morning before the line is too long and as a 3rd we will give Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge another change and going on the attraction for the very first time it’s surprising that we are already here for 3 days and that didn’t feel the need to go to Star Wars land often I must honestly say that I have already had more fun at the Pixar Pier than Galaxy’s Edge The great novelty, but actually everything here is new to us, but we are more attracted to other parts of the Resort In the meantime we have our Fastpass for Space Mountain While you are waiting for Peter Pan you can play a game of the attraction your cell phone Ok, so this was our visit to Peter Pan’s Flight a nice version a very similar to the version in Paris It is a bit nicer in Paris, because there are nicer effects and the attraction here is also older And now were are on our way to Space Mountain, it’s Fastpass time and then we will try to go to Star War Galaxy’s Edge While we were on our way to Space Mountain, we passed the Matterhorn another rollercoaster we could take our next Fastpass here so we can ride this one next I am so proud that I can use my cell phone for that We are here at Space Mountain, but like in Paris it is still the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain version we just came from Hyperspace Mountain and I thought it was a surprising variant actually the nicest we both liked him better than the version in Paris and the comfort during the ride we found a lot better than Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom in the Magic Kingdom it is much harder here you sit next to each other, in the Magic Kingdom you sit behind each other so we find this a nice version in terms of Space Mountain & Hyperspace Mountain and we just came from the newest attraction here in Disneyland, the Millennium Falcon ride I liked it, it wasn’t overwhelming, but it was fun a lot happens at the same time, you have to look at which buttons you have to press, you also want to look at the screen I would definitely want to do it again, but not again as an engineer we were an engineer, which means that you are in the last seats you still have a good view but it’s probably nicer if you can be the pilot and we had children as pilots and of course that did not end well when we came out of the attraction, a Cast Member told us that we had crashed the Millennium Falcon As you can see we are in Fantasyland we visited some of the dark rides here like the one from Mr. Toad we don’t that story very well, so it was a little strange for us after that we went to Snow White and this is about the same as the one in Paris also very short, on my video I could see that the attraction takes about 1 min 49 seconds most of the scènes are the same except the last scene in Paris it is a scene with the horse, the prince and snow white and there is one more scene, the one with the mirror and the Queen is a lot nicer here than in Paris but otherwise the ride is actually the same and now we go to the Matterhorn, because we still have a Fastpass for it we are now in the Red Rose Taverne this is really weird, because in Paris this is the Pinocchio restaurant that used to be the case here since when did this change? I don’t know there are props from the Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie hidden here we used mobile ordering for our food order and for the first time a hamburger, after 3 days we say we eat our first hamburger, but it’s actually a piece of chicken between two sandwiches I bought something again soon we are going to Walt Disney World and we will also go to Be Our Guest restaurant but not for the diner, but for the breakfast but during breakfast you can not get the grey stuff but here in Disneyland, in the Red Rose Taverne you can order it the whole day I’m going to taste it now, it seems to be very tasty it tastes a bit like chocolate mousse We are now going inside the Castle we just got out of the castle, and it is surprising that in such a small castle there is still a full walkthrough of Sleeping Beauty inside since we have bought an annual pass for Disneyland, we can enter an AP corner here here in Tomorrowland this is in the same building as the Star Wars Launch Bay and here we will get a free magnet we just ate an ice cream and we’ve seen the Disneyland Band and now we pass Jungle Cruise in Adventureland and what do we see? only 5 minutes we just got out of the Jungle Cruise and the silly jokes about bamboo and now we are going to the Tarzan treehouse and we are on an evening visit to Mickey’s Toon Town here in Toon Town, Mickey has a special outfit this was a real surprise, what a nice version of It’s A Small World this version takes a really long time, I looked at my camera and I was about 14 minutes away I thought it was really one of the nicest, maybe not the most beautiful one in Paris you have a few scenes that are a lot nicer I find the version in Magic Kingdom a lot less beautiful than this one here I had also forgotten that Disney characters are included in the scenes here really beautiful, that doesn’t bother at all I remember that there used to be a lot of discussion online, that Disney characters could not be added to It’s A Small World but it is beautifully made sometimes it’s really hard to find them, I think there are many people who don’t even see them Aladdin & Jasmine Cinderella 3 Caballeros Lilo & Stitch Ariel Jungle Book? I didn’t see that If you are looking for a new iPhone cover maybe I can give you a suggestion very good against stress if you have to wait too long for Radiator Springs or you are addicted to your cell phone and you have too much stress in your life can puzzle you with your cell phone I have the impression that this will never become a real Dumbo In the meantime I have found a cover that I may want from Disney’s Electrical Parade and we end this day at Disneyland Anaheim with our favorite attraction from Disneyland Paris This is the end of our 3rd day, it’s time to go to our hotel And we are going to take the monorail in Tomorrowland to go to Downtown Disney, and then we are already a lot closer to our hotel

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